The Scuba Certification Process

Scuba certification in the United States earns you an Open Water Diver certification card. Our professional scuba diving instructors are trained, overseen, and sanctioned by Scuba Diving International (SDI). Our trained instructors conduct your scuba diving class according to a well-structured, scientific teaching method developed by SDI. We use a combination of text, video, lectures, online participation, and practical experience training to make you a completely safe and comfortable scuba diver.   

It All Begins With Learning to Scuba Dive

Learning to scuba dive is really a very simple process. In very little time you can become a certified scuba diver for life! No additional training is required. Learning to dive gives you license to participate in diving activities anywhere they are offered -- the Florida gulf coast, when traveling abroad, during a Caribbean cruise, or even in the local rivers, ponds, and quarries near your home. Best of all, your scuba diving certification is a lifetime privilege. No annual re-certification is required. No exhaustive series of refresher courses. Your scuba certification is your permit to dive for your entire life!